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Casey's Adventures in Wonderland, the Annotated Chronicles

Howdy there peoples! Welcome to my site.


Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?



Hey hey long time no update


Things are ridiculously hectic here, as to be expected. My computer crashed a few weeks ago and I only now have it back. But I lost EVERYTHING that was on it…*cries*


Oh well what can you do?


But I have bunches to update. Look for *UPDATED* and *NEW* symbols next to the pages for the more recent stuff.





Long time no update, sorry.


Things have been crazy here. A lot has happend. I fell in love and have some new developments there. I'm starting my last year of high school online. And my mom died August 11th in a hit and run accident.


I'll eventually deicate a page to her but for now hit my blog  ( ) if you want to see pictures of her and my diary entry about what happend that day.


Search the site, updates most every where.




Otay new update! Well schools out and I’m ridiculously happy about it. Actually not ridiculously, its completely with in reasons seeing as I’m done with that school for the rest of my life!!!!!!! Woot Woot


Anyway ummm little bits are updated all over, check for new links on the weapons page, Of The Day is all updated and running, and the quiz page is updated and officially part of the site now.


So look around, plenty of stories and things to read.


Leave me love








Sun is out and the weather is beautiful and I’m in a rather morbid mood ^^ But any how things are updated, though not much. Search things out and enjoy









K guys…prom is defiantly only 7 weeks away and I am still dress-less…and there for no plans for my hair, make up, shoes, or accessories can be made until I find a dress. So This month’s version of the site will be prom-a-sized. Please vote on any and all polls you find I could really use the help lol

Well here is a dose of romance for the middle of winter ^^ enjoy



Whoa sorry for the long absence!


Lets see lets see, news wise I’ve made the recent investments of both the Outlaw Star dvd series and Cowboy Bebop…as well as all new ballet attire and $800.00 worth of clothes. I’m in search of a job and some new adventures at the moment. We’re tearing my house apart too cause we’re remodeling but I will try and update more than I have *looks sheepish*


Anyway, as for the updates there is a new quotes page as well as a new photo page and links. There are just a few new bits and pieces thrown in every where so look around.










Over the few years I’ve been alive, I’ve learned a couple things. I just thought I’d share some:

Be your self, slowly let all the lies and fakeness go let your truth show

Don’t expect anything to last right now, for now is not the time. Enjoy yourself and let go
when it is time

shrinking the outside wont close the gap of emptiness on the inside. But that gap isn’t always so big, and it always gets smaller

Nothing is forever, not the good and happily not the bad. But have faith that things always come back around, what’s meant to be will find a way. When something ends, it has an other chance to start, even better than before.

Everything happens for a reason and something good comes out of everything

Things always change

People really do care about you. Sometimes its tempting to do things to make them show concern.  Don’t. It always makes things more complicated.

Be as honest as possible, as much as possible

Don’t rely on anyone else, especially love interests, to make you happy. Other people always fail at it anyway.

The only time you should try to have a relationship is when you feel like you don’t need one. Or else you end up relying on them to hold you up and that’s not fair. You have to make yourself happy before anyone else can.

Everyone hurts. There is always someone else out there who has it worse.

People are searching for themselves. So your not alone.

People, like all other animals, snap when they’re hurt. Don’t take things too personally, and try and have patience with everyone, even those who seem mean. They’re probably just hurt too.

Understanding will come in time.

You can’t escape that empty nameless thing inside. You wont find your salvation anywhere but in yourself. Not in drugs, eating disorders, obsessions, razors, no where but in learning to cope with it will it lessen and heal.

With out all the pain you couldn’t be happy. Even though the numbness seems nice, its not.

Life is worth living…though it usually takes its time getting really good.

Experience the world. Find things, simple things, that seem to make things happier for you.

Most the time, things feel a lot worse than they really are.

Life has enough drama, so get involved with it so you don’t need to create your own.

You can’t survive on water and noodles for very long.

Everything seeks a balance.

Everyone needs other living things to survive. Whether we like to admit it or not.

Things are beautiful in they’re natural state. Whether your supposed to be big or small, don’t fight your nature. In that state everyone is beautiful.

Keep an open mind, even when it protests some times.

Try and learn about the things you “hate” or fear. You’ll usually find that they’re not so bad.

When your thighs are a little closer and your pants a little tighter, know it wont be that way forever and it doesn’t change who you are.

It is generally pointless to get embarrassed about things. So don’t sweat it.

Strive for health and happiness…even when the gloom and doom seem more appealing. You’ll be glad.

Laughter is good.

Its better to tell too many people that you love them, than not enough.

When people make fun of you and try and change you, look at them in the bigger picture. People are afraid of what they don’t understand…just keep being you and they’ll get it in time

Emotions, pleasant and unpleasant, really are wonderful things

Everything happens for a reason. There are no coincidences or mistakes. And everything really will be ok. Though it doesn’t always seem like it.


Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.


moon phase

When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.