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Casey's Adventures in Wonderland, the Annotated Chronicles

Quotes from Friends ect.

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 "I Love you"-

"Casey, it's not comming out! "Move it faster then!" "I'm trying!"" - Me and Jennifer Willis

"No you guys, you have to finger the paper!" -Mrs. Leavy

"Damn girl, you should be a stripper"- Josh Dolson (the first words he ever said to me, lol)

" 'Is Jenn running in squares?' 'Uh AK, I thought it was circles...' 'Dude, no. It's 2004 it's squares now." - Me and AK

"This is snow...?" - Jennifer Willis

"Yeah Casey's fat, with a PH" -Derek Tuncap

"Casey, stop being sad, your making it rain!" -Derek T

"How are you gonna get to phone?' 'I'm on it with you, you retard!' Oh yeah:D" -Me and Travis

"Tell them I took it with a tri-pod' 'Uh dude, its a disposible camera...'" - Me Travis and Scotty

"Casey, tell the boys to go back you they're seats! Your a flipping boy magnet!" - Ms. Phelps

"Perfect en pointe at her age... "- Mrs. Adgate

"Ms. Iddings, what are you doing?' 'Wandering aimlessly' 'Where are you going' '...Did you not catch the aimless part?'" - me and one of the administrators

"When I think of you...I picture you as an angel...with butterfly wings"- Jesse Farner

"You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen...and the eyes are the windows to the soul" -A strange woman, I never knew her name

"Do you guys believe in guardian angels? Like real live one's in your everyday life? I do. And mine is that girl, sitting right over there. She's saved my life so many times..." -Sean Dennis

"Buddha prints!"- Mike Dennis

"Ewww!...I want some"- Me and Jenn, all the time

"For a little thing, your awefly strong"-

"Smooth move Case! '...uh thanks:D'"- me and my dad

"I like your's very...Casey"-Alisha Simon

"Your Teddy Bear"- Scotty

"People don't kill themselves because they want to die...they do it because they want to live"- Me

"No no no, Glasshole. Glasshole"- Me to Mrs. Opperman

"Is Robbin Hood in this movie?"-Kyle during King Arthur

"I dunno where you put it all, little girl"- Cori's mom about me eating:P

"Inuyasha loves Kagome, just like..."-Cori

“The T.V.-…Its ovarian cancer Mom- I hope that’s not what’s wrong with your dad… Me-…uh mom…dad doesn’t have ovaries”

“I love your laugh, the way it just…bursts out and bubbles out of you”

‘That’s ugly…not you...not at all”- The Robot at the fair

“Do prostitute’s work in the winter time?” – Kyle

“You look like you just walked out of a magazine! Like some beautiful doll like model. You make me wanna cry.” – Mom

“Yeah, Casey and her big ol’ fan club.” – Alisha 

“You set me free, but still I matter how you turn me away” - Me

"...I was watching him today...he was laughing, and his eyes were so bright...oh it made my heart swell...but it made me sad too because its been so long sence I've made him laugh like that..."- Me

"People scoff at me and what I believe in. They laugh at the 'gental' things, calling them weak. Well lets see how well they do out here. Lets see how weak they think a deer is when faced with it unarmed. How quickly the forget its gentalness and remember the fact it could easily crush every bone in they're body."- Me

"Few people know the beauty of moonlight dancing on a silver blade"- Me

"He can be so cruel sometimes..."- Me

"Please...dont be like Peter Pan...I don't want you to go away from me forever...please come back to stay with me for good one day"

"Sometimes you have the look of a wild animal about the calm in the center of the storm"

"Do I let him stay and live with the abuse...or do I make him go and lose my home?

"He has ears like a dinonosaur.'..."uh dinosaurs dont have ears"- Me and Kyle

“uh…ohhhhh…ahhhh…oh uh uh uh’ Dude…what are you doing? ‘Having an orgasm…hahaha’ Uh…that’s cool”-me and kyle

"You do ballet, you have swords, you think Angelina Jolie is sexy...your so badass!"- Ritchard (about me ^^)

"Wow what a cool castle...Casey you'd fit right in a palace like that"-Kyle

"Casey, your fairy is getting pissed!" Jessica M

"Casey, your the smallest person in the room!"- Kelsey G

"Happy hands!"- Jessica M

“…he still hates the way you swallow”- Travis

"You peed...but you didnt pee...but you peed" - Jessica M

" Casey you are way to pretty to be sad....but in your sadness you make your beauty come out in a whole nother way....your tormented soul is something that i think makes people fall in love you with you...i know thats what I fell in love with about you. was your beautiful and tormented yet unique soul " -Jessy


"Jessy: squeak, squeak, high pitched squeal, big shallow breath. Me- Awww hunny ^^" -Me and Jessy"


“Everyone- Luke! You turn us on!


Him- Hu?


Jessy- You’re my role model!


Him- I’m your role model and I turn you on…”- Me Jessy Travis Cori and Luke Spencer *the radio guy*


“casey your pants are salty”- Jessy


“Me- Oh yes Jessica!


Jessy- Wait I’m not a guy…man I wish I was a guy


Me- But you just became a girl


Jessy- Then I cant wait to get a strap on!”


‘I can’t see in here to put a bulb in, the lights burnt out”- dad


“I’m sure you can read…I’ve seen you read…books”- Travis


 “I mean…uh…oh…ummm…uh…cheese-it?” – Jessy M


“…and you have super sonic hearing…so no”- Travis


“A fetus? That’s harder to find than a stuffed banana!...-Me


Not on E-bay…-Kyle”


"Oh it did catch on fire..."- Me (lol Travis)


"Are you a dancer?...I thought so, only a dancer could be comfortable in that position"- a guy I met at the store


“I’m not human but I can’t lick it…”- me

“EAT. ME. NOW.”-Cori

"Casey, bite my bottle- Jessy

What flavor?-Me"


"Oh! I'm taller than Adolf Hitler"-Travis


"BUFFALO! Its ringing!"- Me


"hmmmm I feel a breaze, is the door open?- Mom


uh just turned on the fan..-Me"


“I feel like a couple of hobos lookin for a pay phone…”- me to Jess


“You can discuss the sexuality of this paper latter on…”- Mr.B


“The truly wise person kneels at the feet of creatures, And is not afraid to endure the mockery of others....”



"I ate a glow stick..."- Abby


"If I had no arms and legs would you still love me?- Kyle

Yeah...but I'd have to tip you over- me "


“Its never a sudden revelation, a complete and tidy explanations for why it happened, or why it ends, or why or who you are. You want one, I want one, but there isn’t one. It comes in bits and pieces, and you stitched them together where ever they fit, and when your done you hold your self up, and there are still holes and you are a rag doll, invented and imperfect.


And yet you are all that you have, so you must be enough. There is no other way. “- Marya Hornbacher


" me- I've never done this before...

  Tori- Oh good I'm your first"


" We had an orgasm together!"- me to Gena, Tori, and Jessy


"Cori- I have orgasmic carrots!

Me- Oh give me some!"



“Its funny, the way she just pulls her clothes off and unabashedly stands before us. And when someone is uncomfortable she patiently pulls them back on, rolling her eyes and smiling as if she’s just waiting for us to catch up.”


"Oh my ovaries!" - Mrs. L (lol Jenn)


“Its not a boy’s name! I’m writing Gabi and Casey and they’re not guys!” “Really???” –Gabi and Ashley


"Are your friends lesbians?" "Bisexual actually...does that make you uncomfortable?" "ha! did you hear that hunny? No it doesnt, we're swingers"- an odd conversation with some strangers ^^


“Sometimes there has to be knowledge just to begin to understand that which the spirit just knows.”


"Thats one happy Kiwi"


"Thats not your bossom"


"Cause we want happy sperm!" - Mrs. Scholl


"Never let anyone break your spirit"- Dad


“those two make me so happy”- Josh


“Do not hump”- The


“Oh it likes it rough”- Me


“Awww don’t kick my baby’s ass…”- Mom in a baby voice


My eyes are far from perfect but I will not go blind…By letting my heart harden or by narrowing my mind.


“And people get arrested for this! Common we need this, this is population controle!”


"You look better with out make your not human. Errr I dont know how to say ether real" - Jake


"And some how "Whisper it to me" equates cyber sex..." - me


“If that is god…he has his brights on”- Jessy


“Cake batter, my drug of choice”- Me and Jessy


“It’s a swollen aphrodisiac! I mean nymphoid! I mean…” -Jessy

"You have to pay to see these male nude pics! How gay is that???"- Quote from a bisexual guyfriend, lol

"Why lord quacking stick! You don’t happen to have a hacksaw in your pocket do you?"- Strongbad


"look at my 5 inches of cockroach"- Kyle


"Your more of a true person than anyone could dream of being"- Travis



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When you live in the shadow of insanity, the appearance of another mind that thinks and talks as yours does is something close to a blessed event.